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Dunki vs Salaar

Will Prabhas’ action movie beat off Shah Rukh Khan’s film, or are we in for a desi cinema? Dunki vs Salaar On Thursday, Barbenheimer Salaar will hit theaters one day after Dunki. Here’s what the two movies stand to earn on their first day of release.

Indian viewers are eager to see a desi film spectacle that can compete with the Barbenheimer before the end of 2023, thanks to the success of Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki and Prabhas’ Salaar. In order to analyze the situation, film trade gurus are attentively examining the present advance booking statistics and the theatergoing audience’s excitement. The filmmakers are crossing their fingers. While some have expressed alarm about the uneven screen distribution, many others are speculating that the two movies could split the nation based on preference, with the South gravitating toward Prabhas’ action-packed epic and the North siding with Shah Rukh Khan. Also read: Dunki earns ₹7.4 cr in opening day collection with advance bookings surpassing Salaar.

Will Dunki surpass Salaar in opening in Hindi?

Based on the current advance booking data, Dunki appears to have a tiny advantage, as tickets valued at approximately ₹7.5 crore were sold for the opening day. At ₹6.5 crore, Prashanth Neel’s Salaar isn’t far behind, though. Producer and industry analyst Girish Johar predicts that Salaar will launch around ₹25 crore on Friday and Dunki will open at around ₹35–40 crore on Thursday.

Johar observes, “Salaar and Dunki have enormous fan bases.” I think it may be a Barbenheimer scenario in which both movies perform admirably. The fact that the films’ target demographics and geographical locations are diverse is a plus. Salaar is more of an urban phenomenon with a lot of public action, and it will be more popular in the South than Dunki. I anticipate that front-end ticket sales will be mostly driven by women and families.

Yes, there is a chance; if both movies are well-made, they should both perform well at the box office. With both of these movies, I think 2023 will close at a double bonanza,” he says with optimism.

Dunki vs Salaar to divide the nation?

Regional differences between the two films are hypothesized by Komal Nahta, a film trade analyst.”Dunki has an important lead over Salaar in non-southern states due to SRK’s outstanding performance this year and Rajkumar Hirani’s status as one of Bollywood’s best directors.” The likelihoods may be in Prabhas’ favor because he is well-known in the South,” he remarked.

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Akkshay Rathee, a moviegoer, agreed as well. Speaking differently about the two, he added, “Dunki and Salaar are both really interesting movies. The good news for all of us in the entertainment industry, especially the theater business, is that these movies target completely distinct categories for their primary audience. Since Dunki is meant for an older audience, I anticipate it doing incredibly well in multiplexes and metropolitan India. In the movie Salaar, tier 2 and tier 3 single screens are the main topics. We all want to be in a position where we have content available every week that caters to every type of audience. And I believe that Christmas week will be fantastic because of Salaar, Dunki, Aquaman, and other characters.”

“When it comes to opening numbers, Dunki should open in Hindi at somewhere around ₹30-35 crore,” he shared his hopes for the two big movies. It’s a Rajkumar Hirani movie, and while he doesn’t usually have a strong beginning, his movies usually have a long run and get better with time. Salaar can make a lot of money in Telugu, but it can only make between ₹15 and 18 crore when it opens in Hindi.”

Salaar to open bigger than Dunki in foreign?

According to movie trade analyst Manobala Vijayabalan’s tweet, Salaar has a better advance booking status in the US than Dunki, having crossed $1.2 million while Dunki is trailing at $267K. Vijayabalan, however, tweets, “SHOCKING to know that very few screens have been allocated for #Salaar in North India compared to huge number of screens for #Dunki,” expressing dismay at the apparent discrepancy in screen distribution. There is no fair play in this conflict.

Salaar centers on two buddies who become fierce rivals: Vardha and Deva, portrayed by Prabhas and Prithviraj Sukumaran, respectively. However, the dramedy Dunki is centered around an illegal immigrant. Lets wait for IMDb ratings.

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