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Mahesh Babu Guntur Kaaram Movie Review Public Reaction

Trivikram and Mahesh Babu, who are regarded as one of the greatest duos, reunited for Guntur Kaaram, their massive drama, after a long hiatus. The teaser appears to be an ultra-massive gift from Mahesh Babu, but it shows no indicators of being a Trivikram film. The female lead is the newest star, Sreeleela, while Meenakshi Chaudhary made a fleeting appearance. Let’s see if the film is truly the one for which their fans have been waiting all these years now that it has been released in theaters. The review from one of the US premieres is available here.

Guntur Kaaram Story Line

For reasons that are only known to her, Vyra Vasundhara (Ramya Krishna) deserts her husband and her ten-year-old son Ramana (Mahesh Babu). She remarries. When Ramana reaches adulthood, his grandpa Venkataswamy (Prakash Raj), a powerful politician, reappears in his life and forces him to permanently sever his relationship with his mother. Vasundhara left Ramana for what reason? What is Ramana’s approach to his grandfather? All of the responses to these queries relate to Guntur Kaaram.

About Role

In the role of “Ramana Gadu,” Mahesh Babu is incredibly amazing. The dude gives the mass persona his all and plays it quite well. Mahesh’s efforts were squandered because of Trivikram’s naive storytelling and poor plot.

Despite being given a role that lacked content, Sreeleela excelled in dancing and received high grades for it. As always, Sreeleela dazzles with her dancing skills. Meenakshi Chaudhary has a pretty small part, but it works well for her. Prakash Raj, Murli Sharma, and Ramya Krishna are typical. Jayaram’s persona seems clichéd. We are completely surprised to see Jagapathi Babu in such a commonplace role. Eeswari Rao, Vennela Kishore, and Ajay fulfilled their duties.

After Watch Guntur Kaaram Public Reaction

People seems look very happy after watching Guntur Kaaram

Guntur Kaaram Performance

The film Guntur Kaaram is below average, with poor direction and soundtrack. A dreary narrative and a lifeless plot loaded with forced comedy cause the film to stumble at every turn.

No scene is made more spectacular by the dreary, erratic background music. The songs Dum Masala and Kurchi Madathapetti are okay, while the rest are sporadic at best.

Expert Analysis about Guntur Kaaram

One of the most anticipated pairings is Trivikram and Mahesh Babu. Even if their Athadu and Khaleja are completely different from one another, Trivikram appears to be stuck in a template where the protagonist is the “son,” who makes everything work out through his efforts, and the wife is separated. Once more, Guntur Kaaram is contained in the same bottle but has a fresh mass sticker on it.

A strong-willed woman who values her own dignity walks away from her husband and son. Leaving Aravind Sametha alone, Trivikram’s other four movies follow the same formula, and Guntur Kaaram doesn’t bring anything novel or noteworthy to the table.

With only one thread of “signature” dragging until the interval, the first half of Guntur Kaaram is purely average. Furthermore, it defies common reason and logic to ask for a signature to terminate ties in order to further one’s political goals. In the first half, neither the humor nor the dialogue are really effective. Vennela Kishore attempts to make people laugh, but she is rarely successful. Although an extreme high is anticipated from the interval blast, it also ends flat and tranquil. Each character in the movie reminds us of comparable ones from the director’s earlier movies.

The second half ultimately becomes even more pallid and flat as a result of the first half’s weakness. The decreasing graph was not helped by a few fight scenes and forced comedies, though they may have entertained in small doses. Nothing about it—from the combat and humor of Haridas to the resolution—really clicked. The Kurchi Madathapetti song in the second half and the Dum Masala song in the first half may draw large crowds of fans.

Throughout the entire film, there are no one-liners or Trivikram-esque comedies. The dialogue, storyline, and narration—which are supposed to be Trivikram’s key selling points—all fall flat. Although the climax talks are supposed to be the saving grace, they fall well short of the wizard’s established caliber and are dull overall. There are also a lot of forced comedic moments and repetitious sequences in the second half. The lackluster background music by Thaman is a major disappointment for Guntur Kaaram.

In a film billed as a mass masala entertainer, hardly a single scene or moment seems fitting for a solid highlight. Mahesh Babu had given Guntur Kaaram his best, but when the cook uses an inferior recipe and stale ingredients, even his freshly made Kaaram won’t cut it. The only man who gave Guntur Kaaram his all, Mahesh Babu entertains in every frame with an all-around performance that ranges from funny and superb dancing steps with Sreeleela to poignant parts.

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In general, Guntur Kaaram is unquestionably Trivikram’s weakest film, and Mahesh Babu’s efforts were in vain. With three other films in the same race, the film’s performance as a whole remains to be seen, despite its impressive premiere.

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