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Adan Canto, a 42-year-old X-Men and Designated Survivor star, passes away due to cancer

Actor Adan Canto, 42, is away. He was well-known for his roles in movies such as X-Men: Days of the Future Past and US TV series like Designated Survivor.

The Mexican celebrity’s publicist said that the illness he had was appendiceal cancer.

Canto co-starred with Kiefer Sutherland as the vice president-elect in the television series Designated Survivor. Sutherland described Canto as “such a wonderful spirit.”.

Canto portrayed the mutant Sunspot in the 2014 X-Men movie, and co-star Halle Berry later hired him for her film Bruised.

Adan Canto “Dear dear friend,”

On Instagram, the director and actress stated, “I don’t have the words just now. However, my beautiful, dear friend Adan recently received his wings. In my heart, forever, forever.”

Stephanie Ann, Canto’s wife, shared a picture of the couple along with a verse from the Bible and the caption, “Forever, my treasure, Adan, see you soon.”

His publicist, Jennifer Allen, made the following statement: “Adan had a depth of spirit that few truly knew.” Whoever caught sight of it was eternally altered. Many people will miss him terribly.”

“As an actor, his desire to do well, to be great, and then to do better was truly impressive,” Sutherland continued in his letter. “He will be greatly missed.” His wife, Steph, and their two small children also break my heart. May you rest in peace, Adan.”

In the first two seasons of Designated Survivor, which debuted on the ABC network in 2016 and 2017 and were later picked up by Netflix for a third and final season, Canto portrayed Aaron Shore.

Maggie Q, a co-star, wrote, “Amazing companion… You are the kind of person Hollywood never even dared to imagine. Warmth, kindness, and generosity of spirit; complete devotion to your family; and always acting morally. Nobody came close to possessing your moral compass. This defies my understanding. Whoever knew you was truly fortunate. All I am aware of is that.”

A fellow cast member of Designated Survivor, Italia Ricci, commented that she was “completely lost for words.”.

“I am furious that this occurred since he was the strongest person I knew in every way. Nobody was less deserving of this than this nice, intelligent, peaceful, and sweet man. I am incredibly saddened for his family and really apologize to everyone who is hurting from this terrible loss. I will always have you in my heart.”

In 2022, Canto starred in Fox’s criminal drama The Cleaning Lady as mobster Arman Morales.

“He’ll be our Arman for eternity,” Fox wrote on X. “Adan Canto, your memory will be cherished forever.”

Adan Canto “A heartbreaking loss”

Fox and Warner Bros. Television called him “a wonderful actor and dear friend” in a joint statement.

“Most recently, he lit up the screen in The Cleaning Lady with a powerful performance that showcased his artistry, range, depth, and vulnerability,” the media reported.

We are in deep sorrow together with his wife Stephanie, their kids, and other loved ones over this inexplicable loss. Adan will be sorely missed.

In addition to starring in the drama Blood & Oil and sitcom Mixology on ABC, Canto made his debut in the US in the 2013 thriller The Following, costarring Kevin Bacon.

In the Netflix series Narcos, he also played the role of Colombian politician Rodrigo Lara Bonilla. In 2022, he starred in the spy thriller Agent Game.

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